Friday, 8 March 2019

Happy Women's Day

God saw that man is lonely and thus created a helper for him (Gn 2:18). Out of the necessity of companionship, the woman was created. A woman is essential being in society. Taking away the bias and prejudices many have, this precious creation is the backbone of our societies. These creatures are super strong to bear the whole society by themselves, through themselves but not for themselves alone. By the term ‘woman’, I mean the whole feminine gender.

Without the discrimination of any woman; both in potency and in actuality, the universal society at large celebrate your presence in this universe. This article is focused on their presence as it is out of their presence all other characteristics and functions flow out. This is to ease the tension put on each woman in this universe such that they are limited in whatever they are doing or should do in life. Not to be quoted wrongly, I do not mean to judge anyone’s actions and thoughts concerning women or the women themselves. Due to women’s presence, great things are present.

It is my belief that the universe is at its present state out of the efforts of both men and women jointly, we just need to wake up; open the eyes to see these beautiful beings’ contribution. Starting from the basic stages in life, to the evening of one’s life, the impact of the women cannot be just brushed off from reality. We cannot negate their necessary presence and the changes impacted on this universe due to their contagious good qualities.

Women have been spotted in all possible areas in the 21st Century. It is out of many efforts to create an equal society, women are presented and represented an important and ignored gender. This should not be taken circumstantially but rather out of awareness. Women cut across all sectors. In one way or another, one has to meet a woman. From the basics of existence, a woman is involved. In the whole lifetime, these compassionate, caring, loving, educative creatures take part. By illustration, we can note the efforts made by mothers. To some cases, some are raised by the male gender but all the same, he has some influence from a woman either directly or indirectly. From the vulnerable stage of infancy to gradually growing to be a self-sustaining individual, much credit goes to women.

It is my appeal to everyone, today and forever, to take time to appreciate women. Let us put our ego aside and promote gender equality across all the sectors (this should not be quoted wrong on instances already made clear about gender roles and involvement i.e. in the Catholic Church). Let us support women, let us pray and believe in them, let us listen and speak to them, let us spend and earn for and with them, let us write and think of them. However, let us not try them nor quit on them, let us not segregate them and leave them in depression to die sad. They are our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, and many more. One love!