Saturday, 29 April 2017


Some pictures during the Eucharistic Celebration
Many of our candidates received their families


Collins Imbusi
Well, I would like to say a few words if I may. We are all here today, friends and families, to give thanks to almighty God and for our stay here for three years. This yearly tradition is one of the favorites; since, it brings us all together and makes us stop our daily lives to spend some hours together as a family of God. As someone said the family that prays together stays together.  It is a great pleasure to be here with you (visitors) today on this occasion of farewell of third years at Lavigerie House.

Today is the time to be grateful to people who made us happy and who challenged us in this life; they are charming gardeners who made our souls blossom. We are proud to have made it here in one piece; since August 2014. In all seriousness, today is a milestone for each one of us and our families, and it is to our loved ones that we owe our deepest thanks. Confirming the words of John Mbiti: ‘I am because you are, and because you are therefore I am’.

We are thankful to all of our family members present here and at home, our friends from different parts of this world, students of Lavigerie Formation House who have been like biological brothers to us, and to our dear formators who played parental role during our stay here for three years.  Really you have been fantastic listeners and our lights in the darkness of doubt. We are absolutely honored to have each of you by our side, being able to share, support, criticize, laugh, and share the experience together for this period of three years. We proudly state that we have friends for a life-time. Thanks for your love to us.

My fellow third years let us remember that, as much as it has been given to us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds.  We need to remember that there is also a huge need to think about the worries or troubles that each of us had in the past years. Let us think of the incredible moments of laughter, love, hope, and joy, being grateful to each other and providing us with excitement and fun. Life is not always easy, taking each of us by surprise in the most uncomfortable circumstance. However, we do need to value the positive moments and maintain our thankfulness for the possibilities that have been offered to us and memories shared with those we care for and love.

With gratitude dreams can change. If we did all stuck with our first dream, the world would be overrun with cowboys and princes. Whatever you dream right now, if you do not achieve it, you have not failed and you are not a loser but just as important; if you do get your dream, you are not a winner. The most important thing in your life is to live your life with integrity and not surrender into peer pressure of trying to be something that you are not.

Thank you all!

Friday, 21 April 2017


A Word from the Chief Editor

The Editorial Board fervently filled with much felicity brings you this twenty third volume of our annual magazine. In this periodical, the various views of the writers are all arranged in such a flexible and yet rigid exactitude of their deadly intellectual ambush ready to burst with salutary impacts to the readers. As you discreetly read and reflect on the unfolding articles, it is fundamental to acknowledge the force and efforts behind the ideas at hand. Consequently, we have the guts to render our gratitude in three quarters especially to those whose tremendous efforts could not go unnoticed. First to the Formators, whose unwavering efforts made the publication of this magazine to us, a gentle journey like that of climbing a ladder with hands in the pockets! Secondly to the students’ body for their articles whose characteristically scrupulous care and insight provided a vast sum of content to present to the readers and thirdly to the entire community of Lavigerie House, friends and associates whose contributions called for contextual elasticity of the scope of this publication.

Ruefully appealing, at the minimal sacrifice of exactitude, some other views were left out in the final reduction much as they presented a wealth of content to observe. However, as it has been remarked that even the most jejune chronicle has to be a meticulous selection which at times may not be so candid to the lovers of quaint. Therefore, our selections for these articles  were  motivated by definite interests with the smoke screen of ideals which appeal without any malice and at the same time make us to remain indebted to all those whose tremendous contributions foresaw the publication of this delectable auditorium of intellectual curiosity of Lavigerie House.

As we have been able to journey faithfully with our Lord Jesus Christ through-out this timely season of Lent, we hope that the strength he granted us may triumphantly guide us in the splendid celebration of his Paschal Mystery. We wish you all a bright and breezy Easter.

Ocheng’ Tonny, Chief Editor

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


The PCJ's league finals were the most enjoyable encounters. With the accompagnment of PCJ fraternity and also some people from out who came to enjoy with us, the event was greatly fantasised.

Thanks to Zino Kokoyo, the goals scorer, and, the coordination of the whole team, for the two shots which resulted to the two victorious goals we had in the 90 minutes. Without forgeting the "OTHER ELEVEN" TEAM which really motivated the players who performed superb, may God Bless MAFR.!





Fr. Oswald with the seminarians and the Catechist
Indeed the year 2017 is different! My fellow St. Marys’-Kivubuka outstation Christians, were blessed in an explicit manner. The joy on the faces of the Christians on the evening of the 15th of April, 2017, portrayed and expressed the profound intimate joy they were experiencing deep in their heart and psyche. Being with them for nearly a year now, seeing that expression which was more or less exorbitant than the one I encounter while with them every Sunday.

Presided by the sacrament of penance, Fr. Oswald, who was the presider of the celebration, the great time in the history of Salvation began. Just few metres from the main door of the church, there stood the new light manifested in Christ. With our candles, we marched inside the building for the continuation of the Liturgy. Then came the time to manifest our joy for the triumphant Christ who conquered death and sin. We sung Gloria with joyful faces.

Kivubuka christian community praying

The celebration ended with a clear message, ‘go out to the whole world spreading the good news of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ’ and also, ‘trust and believe in who took upon his shoulders all the pain and suffering in place of the human.’ It is through this we will eventually be free from all bondages and follow Jesus, the Risen Lord.

Fr. Wynand presiding the celebration
As I said before in this article, God made this year special. On the 16th April 2017, we had Fr. Wynand, a Mill hill missionary in Uganda for nearly fifty years now, in Kivubuka. The extended joy surpassed the house of God, we were all blessed in each and particular way.

On behalf the Kivubuka fraternity, I would like to extend our gratitude to God for the unexpected and the historical Easter time. We also thank His men whom He called to serve Him and the whole humanity.

Webale inno!
Webale idala!

Kelvin Mwamburi

Monday, 17 April 2017


Sexuality is one of the fundamental components of our relationships, our communications, love justice for all, and even, for portraying our true personalities. Every human being is sexual with a raw energy within us. It gives us power to perform different activities depending on how we process it. Our lives have a generative or productive aspect. The greatest concern could be how productive am I? Possibly, some people tend toward positive effectiveness. On the other hand, some of us decide to be productive but in a negative sense. We ought to acknowledge that being negative in our productivity is a sign that our praxis has loopholes. In this sense we have not processed our raw energy rightly and so not sexually integrated. However, one who is sexually integrated acts toward positive productivity.

As human beings we have two sexuality stages. These include the primary and secondary stages. The primary stage deals with gender; thus, we acknowledge that God created us as either man or woman. The secondary stage takes into the genitalia or our sexual organs. Most of us tend to dwell on the secondary stage in all our relationships. We must know that our sexuality is broad but not just limited to the genitalia as the youth tend to believe. If we can understand the importance of sexuality then we shall always to be free and open up to talk about what is going on in our sexual life. This is also another characteristic of being sexually integrated. To be sexually integrated simply means that an individual is able to accept acknowledge one’s gender, sexual orientation and appreciate himself or herself. This means that one is in position to realise that he/ she is human and a sexual being and above all who ought to act with personal and integrated responsibility. 

The climax of sexual integration is intimacy; an aspect where we relate with people of all genders not only in a more ‘solid’ way but with boundaries. At times, people who are meant to be committed to different vocations tend to ‘double deal’.  This is a sign of lack of sexual integration. In facts living uncommitted life not only hurts us but also the people we engage with.

We can imitate the example of Jesus who was perfectly integrated. This is clear when he related with all kinds of people including the females such as Martha and Mary. For all His life-time, Jesus was never accused of any sex scandal. He chose an operational mode that would lead him to fulfil God’s will. All his raw energy was put to use for service. We must know that we pick our own operational only when we are fully integrated. One of the ways that can help us to understand our sexuality is taking a sexual history. At the end, the sexual history will not only benefit us but our community members. This is because we shall be in position of accepting ourselves and not condemning other by their sexual orientations but treating each other as brothers and sisters.

Simon Peter Kahinda