Thursday, 15 November 2018


We are always invited to cherish the life we are granted each and every day. Many believe that we are all aiming at a happy and fulfilled life. Nevertheless, it is not always smooth, as it is comprised of different times of life. Different moods and feelings act as catalyst in the relations and the whole life at large. The catalyzed effects facilitate the discovery of different potentials that each and every person has. Have these potentials facilitated growth in any way? Have the positive effects changed anything in one’s life? Do they bring and support constant joy which results to happiness? In Lavigerie house-Jinja, we, as a family, strive to be in a position to move together towards this heavenly state.

Putting into consideration different activities like sports in Lavigerie House-Jinja, which has really brought joy to us. For the record, we have the history of emerging victors in many sports activities, if not all. This is not something to show-off but it is a symbol of many life-giving aspects in this community. The consistent ability to win has enhanced the constant joy among ourselves and other members of the other communities. Imagine of the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and many more leagues. The joy of a club emerging victors in a match and at the end emerging champions. Another example is for a national team to emerge winners. Taking the example of the World Cup; by France emerging the champs, the whole nation alongside the other people from other nations in support of France, recognized the efforts of the 23 players. This is more or less the same scenario in Jinja. With dedication, we have and still try to maintain the unbeaten record in this semester’s PCJ league. Ranging from football to volleyball to basketball, the joy acquired is greater than the real game itself. In these sports, we thrive together: we win together, we draw together or loose together.

In reality, putting aside the physical boost attributed to the sports activities, the unbounded output such as the ones mentioned in the previous paragraphs, continues to carry on the greatness of being together and working together for it. Along the way, we all acknowledge each other for the participation; either, as the eleven or ‘the other eleven’. It is out of acceptance, willingness and hardworking spirit, all of these come to be.