Monday, 2 October 2017


Being guided by the Apostolic zeal and the call for service, as trainees to lifetime service to the people of God, we went forth to commit ourselves to right time inauguration. As they say ‘practice makes perfect,’ I feel it is necessary to add some things to the phrase: ‘a well done practice, makes perfect.’ Why does it need some flesh added to it? If we critically would like to serve the people of God as Missionaries of Africa, we need to put more effort and be more effective in the preparation for the ministry.

With the drive to serve the nation of God in different areas around Jinja, we hastened to be commissioned and be well equipped to commence.

“We, (NAME) and (NAME) O Lord, would like to bring your love, compassion and to make known the glorious splendor of your name to the people of (PASTORAL APPOINTMENT).”These were the words of commitment to Christ whom we believe He called us to serve Him as M.Afr. It is our prayer we may achieve our goal of reaching out to all and make known to all the Word of God. Amen.