Thursday, 15 November 2018


We are always invited to cherish the life we are granted each and every day. Many believe that we are all aiming at a happy and fulfilled life. Nevertheless, it is not always smooth, as it is comprised of different times of life. Different moods and feelings act as catalyst in the relations and the whole life at large. The catalyzed effects facilitate the discovery of different potentials that each and every person has. Have these potentials facilitated growth in any way? Have the positive effects changed anything in one’s life? Do they bring and support constant joy which results to happiness? In Lavigerie house-Jinja, we, as a family, strive to be in a position to move together towards this heavenly state.

Putting into consideration different activities like sports in Lavigerie House-Jinja, which has really brought joy to us. For the record, we have the history of emerging victors in many sports activities, if not all. This is not something to show-off but it is a symbol of many life-giving aspects in this community. The consistent ability to win has enhanced the constant joy among ourselves and other members of the other communities. Imagine of the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and many more leagues. The joy of a club emerging victors in a match and at the end emerging champions. Another example is for a national team to emerge winners. Taking the example of the World Cup; by France emerging the champs, the whole nation alongside the other people from other nations in support of France, recognized the efforts of the 23 players. This is more or less the same scenario in Jinja. With dedication, we have and still try to maintain the unbeaten record in this semester’s PCJ league. Ranging from football to volleyball to basketball, the joy acquired is greater than the real game itself. In these sports, we thrive together: we win together, we draw together or loose together.

In reality, putting aside the physical boost attributed to the sports activities, the unbounded output such as the ones mentioned in the previous paragraphs, continues to carry on the greatness of being together and working together for it. Along the way, we all acknowledge each other for the participation; either, as the eleven or ‘the other eleven’. It is out of acceptance, willingness and hardworking spirit, all of these come to be.

Monday, 29 October 2018


As human beings, we are relational beings. Some attitudes are very important in a relationship. Here I will mention only one of the many them: Trust.

We are living in a formation community in which we have students who are preparing themselves to become Missionaries of Africa and the formators who are trying their best to prepare these students.
In this big community, we are relational at different levels; relation of: students among themselves; formators among themselves, then relationship between the students and the formators and vice-versa. Is there trust at these different levels of relationship? I am not sure that I will answer this question. Nevertheless, I might answer other questions, which are not asked, and through them, it is possible that the reader will find his answer to the question.

Trust as a desire

Though I did not answer the previous question, what I am sure is that my deepest desire is that trust may reign among us at all levels. How I wish everybody would nourish the same desire in our community! A desire is like a dream: it can come true… Let us all desire to trust one another and work to the actuation of that desire.

Trust as a choice

To desire to trust is not enough for it to turn into reality. A wish alone does not turn something into reality. Beside the desire, we need to choose. In our life, we can choose to trust, we can also choose not to trust. At times, we trust some people and not others… Why? Each one knows why. At times, we choose to trust some people in some situations rather than in others…

Trust as a decision

After we have chosen to trust, we need to decide to trust so that we may work toward the implementation of trust.

Whom to trust?

We need to trust the people whom we are in relation with. Nevertheless, the first person we are in relation with is our own self. Each one should trust himself. Unfortunately, some people do not trust their own self.  This can lead to bad performance in academic and professional life. Nevertheless, when someone begins to trust himself, he can experience wonders about his own life.
After that trust of oneself, then we should move to the trust of others. However, here it is only someone who trusts himself that can trust others. Those who do not trust themselves will find it difficult to trust others.

 The challenge of trust

Trust can be challenged by the attitude of some members of the community, especially when there is lack of honesty and sincerity. The lack of these two realities can make someone to stop trusting some people, or at times a category of people, or even the whole group, the whole community…
In the context of a formation house, can formators still trust students after some unpleasant behaviors of the latter? Can students still trust formators while they know that these people have got as part of their responsibility to evaluate them, to write their reports and decide on their continuation or discontinuation? Can students still nourish the trust among themselves while they are aware of some bad behaviors of some of them? Can formators promote trust among themselves?

My credo about trust

I believe that trust is possible among human being whatever their experience might have been in their life of relationship.
I believe that human beings are perfectible.
I believe that a human being is beyond what he does. Thus, I will not confine anybody in his past, in his failures, in his weaknesses.
I believe that when I trust someone, I allow him to develop his potentialities and to become more human. I contribute to his personal growth.
From what precedes, I desire to trust; I choose to trust and I decide to trust.

Cekoroba Arsène KAPYA

Monday, 15 October 2018


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Considering the universality of many aspects of human life, there are aspects which are necessary and in totality. These aspects have a wide horizon and spectrum which determine human fair-life. Every human being is in his/her potentiality; but how many do they come close to the actuality in a fulfilled manner? Knowing oneself, to live holiness, to be oneself, accepting the others, listening and silence, and forgiveness are really the basis of having a peaceful and a just global community both to the rational beings and the other beings in the universe.

Image result for rational beingMany scholars, especially psychologists, have tried to elucidate in depth about a human life. The psyche being the centrality of a human, it needs to be worked upon. Comprising cognition, E-motions and feelings, it really bears a high percentage of the whole human being’s life. Nevertheless, awareness is very necessary in order to maintain all this complexity of this rational being. One has to recognize him/herself first in depth and accept the way he/she is. Being in a ‘global community’, made by the technological advancements, in order to have a heaven-like earth, the community life must be perfected. The communion to be successfully sealed and made concrete by recognition. Each and every member must know him/herself and recognize his/her presence not as just an accidental existence but with a purpose.

After knowing one-self, growth is vital. Striving to live in wholeness is a very appropriate option to adopt in one’s life. ‘wholeness’, in the sense of being a living being who is in control of his/her inner-self and connect with the rest of the universe in the rightful way. Striving for wholeness is an aspect of being oneself. Believing that we are having one Creator who makes everything to be in peace rightfully, he is enabling us to have that opportunity each and every day.

Image result for listening and silenceHas one ever noted the similarities of these two words; Listen and Silent.  Containing the same alphabetical letters, one can reconstruct the word listen to get silent and vice versa. They are mysterious words which are very fundamental in human life. The silence should be an act of reflection. listening is a very important factor as it enables one to be deeply into contact with inner self and others too. As Swahili quotation says ‘kinywa cha mzee kinanuka ila kinanena ukweli’ – The old man’s mouth has a bad breath but speaks the Truth. And, ‘mvi ya kwanza huota sikioni’ – The first grey hair is in the ear. These two quotes give a summary of the two words and their importance. The reflective silence is necessary and it is only broken when there is need; to say the Truth. Truth sets people free. Nevertheless, however much most people believe in that, sincerely, it is bitter in most of the time; but its advantages are far away surpassing its bitter implications in the society. The Listening part is attributed to be of equal prominence as concurrently.
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Monday, 24 September 2018


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As social beings, the socialization nature in us is inevitable. Nevertheless, for effective socialization and the exercise of our beingness, there must be TRUST. This attribute is also a basic component of all relations. This trust can be in three ways: trust to Deity, trust to oneself and the trust to others.

Trust to Deity, faith, is the force which is keeping many religions going (the name of this Supreme Being varies with religions). Writing about the Transcendent and Immanent God, from the Christianity point of view of God, we see His consequences in each one’s life. Taking the immanence view of God, whereby, He is down to earth, involved and concerned with our daily activities, He gives us life every day. I do not know if one has ever reflected on such great miracle that happens to some of the people. To be sincere, many do not. I can also certify that sometimes I also do not recognise that. However, it is a pity that people’s faith is based on miracles mainly in our current generation. People migrate from one church to the other, from one religion to another in the name of search of miracles but we fail to recognize and take time to appreciate God’s providence; first, being able to wake up each day. Having faith in Him, however much can be included in free will, I suppose it is very necessary, both directly and indirectly.
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Confidence, trust to oneself, is among the basic aspects of human existence. Many people in the universe lack confidence and it is a big blow to the rest humanity. We can all agree that someone who does not believe in himself first will always have difficulties in trusting others. We can predicate this person’s relations to be lacking something very vital. Self-awareness and self-worthiness plays a vital role in building one’s confidence. To know oneself helps one to be a liberal and responsible person. Confidence can be credited as concrete and reasonable grounds for one’s ability to LIVE.

Once one has succeeded to trust in him/herself, one can have respect, trust to the other. Just to contextualize each and everyone’s life, he/she is in a community. As social beings, we cannot be alone. There is always the other, as we did not even come into the world on ourselves. In this setup, it is essential for the relations between people to be true and good. In the union between different people bounded by respect, there are responsibilities of striving to build the community of respectful people.

With this basic feature of human life, the universe can be a better place. These attributes can fit well in the society to fulfil the eternal dream, the idea of having heaven on this earth. As trust thrives in different people’s lives, I believe it is contagious; but it all starts with me before it proceeds to other beings. Trust is the foundation of love.
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Sunday, 16 September 2018


Just another day; unending day,
I dare to welcome everyone, hey,
In the name of Agnus Dei.
Here are the men willing day by day to salvage,
Not only in Apostolate,
But also in all their ways.
This place is where calls are nourished,
Whether for priests or for brothers,
And in this my case not to first years only but to all years,
Towards there in ten years
You know what!

Life is never straight in here, am sorry,
There are multiple bended-back stories.
The herculean task depends on our decisions and policies,
Which drums the loudest when we touch that Glory,
Believe me because this is not irony!
The thing is,

Our stories make us touch the skies,
Even if they might be ambiguous or obvious
Of any descriptions of us.
All of us try to improve those previous scenes,
So that we are not slaves of various histories,
Surely, even Peter Drury knows,
But what is history, what is reality? Answer me!
Didasio and Venancio have information,
To the point of attaching prescription,
That spurs our continuation and motivation
Because, personally, am from a neighbour nation,
Yet I add my intonation in this vocation,
Believing in the authenticity of my intention.

You and me, inside strengths and gifts, needs different,
Outside dreams of priests, perfect
That makes me to yearn to be a prefect
Of myself, health and wealth to fit in this context
But don’t misquote me because I am worth it
Ready to face death of this earth!

Of course, I am a flawed being in reality,
Sometimes unwilling to use the best way conventionally,
Of kneeling to the floor unfortunately,
To pray to God occasionally,
To show me the way that has tranquillity
Pursued the journey of an indelible identity
Because when he called I answered in curiosity,
To place that has fraternity.

From pitch to church, to preach there is unity,
Which teaches how to strip anxiety,
That makes each understand leach in this vicinity,
Which cements four pillars in the society.

Personally, I trust the staff,
Because they puff nice staff,
Which are sound to chart and chant,
To people who are in need of light.
I chant as songs of hope and spiritual,
Not like the ones of Radio and Weasel,

I try to use faith and reason,
Even in spiritual direction,
If you think its lies and fiction,
Just ask Venancio and Didasio

You see, Mallya and Kapya for Pastoral always asking us
That even in holidays kindles a flame everlasting,
As though over passing,
Within the confines of humanity,
Not for personal greatness but to leave enough sanity and spirituality,
That is why am for freedom, maturity and responsibility
Because it rejuvenates diversity in community and in apostolate! I mean Creativity!

Funny, I do not promise the flock glitz
And glamour despite they seem nice,
But I promise hope under Christ,
Hope close to that of mice,
Alternatively, of cancer patients who walk miles determined to find oncologist.

Believe me because I don’t preach lies, well, call me unrealistic,
But my instincts tells me yes I can, that’s why the canning are sick and in sadistic,
With an intention of agonizing my optimization.
You know what! I have ever done it,

Because that plantation I dreamt it,
I dig it,
I weed it but I have never bragged about it.
EEEH! Even if am dreaming, thank God am prophetic!

I am chasing the dream, I, Moses, the ordinary man,
I do not desire flamboyant life style, am not a celebrity,
But I have an identity,
Even if my name rarely warn,
That’s why I spout out, ‘Yes I Can’,
I can, just as Hounsfield the inventor of CT scan,

Because I too, le grand prophet,
Started believing I can walk to Egypt
To this time through Suez canal
When I learnt to work hard even at nine.
The truth is am a simple poet who can wait up to ninety-nine,
Who don’t just create art at all,
But I fashion master piece that comes out master class- out of the box,
I mean outer class not mediocrity
And don’t call me proud because it’s either God or Cesar.
Just as a spade is not a big spoon, so mud is not glass,
That is what we pledge this year in our class.

Furthermore, I measure my friends
Because friends of pressure
Are not a pleasure
But pressure,
Whether those of abuse of alcohol or ‘pesa’.

I tell you, they can wash away all your dreams like Geisha soap
In addition, leave you crying at leisure
Because that’s their pleasure
If not their nature.

I promise they cannot stick and fly together
In the same sorrow feather;
I don’t want to fall like ancient Empire of Rome,
But to discover my potential,
To be rational inspire galaxies of generation,
Flow like H2O,
In future to be a master of my own
So that I might not fumble
With people’s soul
And one way at all to achieve this, is to welcome friends who are loyal.
You can laugh all you want
But I promise I will never hide my account

Jesus found me when I was on my way out,
Chasing the dream to fly in this world,
Admiring fashion and glamour of this world,
Desiring to follow the crowd,
Make money and copy every fashion on TV and radio,
Aiming to build a big home that another person going to owe,
Thank God, before I could go
And the casket pushed low,
He shone the light that will forever help me navigate.

Postulate to me how to get to,
Listened to his voice all to,
Answered his voice I too,
Started pursuing silence rather than noise chaque jour,
yes! Chaque jour, each and every day and now I look my face in a mirror grateful.
I said I have a world to tell,
I have people to preach to,
Way back my sister thought I was possessed,
May back my friends thought I was obsessed,
Even after, wayward formators thought I was depressed,
Thank God, now that, he gives me courage not to be oppressed
But to be real when I express I am pressed,
Now all as endorse it as a progress!

This is no longer my account,
But Jesus whom I count on.
I’m not ashamed to tell the world because time might run out.
This is not an argument am taking
But a reality I am placing,
Because I’ll never forget all I do is through Him, the one,
Who never faking His love,
Ever letting me accomplish one by one,
Forever pouring his blessing flow to me below
Convinced that your existence is real because I know.
His providence makes me speechless.
When am toothless he makes me shameless,
Caring less
About my doubters just like Clayton Jennings said,
and I quote, “it’s not my mission to be loved, it’s not my aim to be known”

So do I say I would care less if I don’t find text on my phone,
what am grateful of is, Jesus has put me as his own.