Saturday, 26 March 2016


This day, the Holy Thursday marks the beginning of the Easter tridium. This liturgy  takes three days, it ends on Paschal Vigil. This Mass where we commemorate the Lord’s Supper is marked by the sign of service and humility of Jesus washing the feet to his disciples.

"So during supper, fully aware that the Father had put everything into his power and that he was coming from God and was returning to God, he rose from supper and took off his outer garments. He took a towel and tied it around his waist. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash their feet and drying them with a towel around his waist." (John 13:2-6, African Bible) "If therefore a master can wash the feet of his servants then you ought to wash one another’s feet" Jesus said. 

The washing of the feet during our Liturgy

Here is Br. Venancio telling us to go around with a basin of water and a towel to wash one another’s feet. I know you are wondering how possible that can be, if one does it we may say he is insane. What do Jesus and the word of Br. Venancio mean? The message is clear: be humble, be responsible for one another and love one another. Carrying a basin and towel is moving with humility in approaching others.

But Peter first refused, why? You who is reading, if your Parent say: “I want to wash your feet,” Do you accept? Of course you may hesitate because you respect your Parent and you feel that you are the one supposed to do it. And I see that is why Peter says: “Lord you cannot wash my feet.” Jesus responds that Peter did not understand what Jesus was doing and indeed Peter was not understand even if it were me I would hesitate to accept. Peter later accepts wholesale by responding with: “not only my feet, but the whole body.” Peter had understood and felt it more important to be cleaned the whole body, but Jesus assures him of his cleanliness and needed little purification which was instillation of humility. That was demonstrated in the reading of the gospel in our chapel.

Sister being washed her feet

As our Pope requested officially, there was also washing of women’s feet on that day. Sisters Irene, Lilian and Youfresher were part of the twelve people whose feet were washed. That is a sign that Jesus’ message of being humble in this activity goes to everyone not men only.

Procession carrying the Blessed Sacrament

Being the longest liturgy celebrated during the year, we did not conclude with the dismissal and final blessing. We had to transfer the Blessed Sacrament to the class for adoration. We adored in turns, starting with the visitors then followed by the members of the community. We keep in a spirit of recollection as we prepare ourselves to go through the liturgy of Good Friday and then the Paschal Vigil on Saturday night. 

Happy Easter

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


What I thought was a small thing or task turned to be more than I had imagined. To deal and be with the children of Home of Hope where 95% of the children are dump.  These were abandoned by their parents because of the way they are, health conditions and appearance. The hardship they faced has made them feel lonely, not love and useless. But Jesus calls me and you to welcome and embrace them like the merciful father. It’s not an easy work but only with passion, love and a spirit of deep listening and interpret the sign language to create or leave a smile on the face of those children of GOD.

Below right Justus Namanya serving at the Home of Hope

This has changed my spiritual journey as my second experience it seemed to be tiresome, I felt lonely, lacked a way of communication but above all my inner most being was yearning to be in the circle of love. I was touched by the conditions and I remember to say “God thanks for these children of yours are alive,” was the prayer. The long process has helped me to find an image of JESUS in my  journey with them so far; ”the suffering and joyful Jesus.” Let us join them in our prayers always that they may experience God’s love and care.


Monday, 21 March 2016


I write with the above title about the betrayed king because this I am writing about was betrayed in a short period of time. As he was entering Jerusalem, there was a lot of jubilation and most people thought the kingdom was being restored. We are told that as he was entering Jerusalem there was a lot joy in the people that followed him. He was on a young donkey as people were laying down even their clothes for the king not to step on the ground.

Here at Lavigerie house, we celebrated Palm Sunday on 20th of March, 2016 a Saturday evening. We started with the procession from the basketball court where the blessing of palms by Fr. Yago took place. Mapeera team was in charge of liturgy, so they led the mass.  It was a Palm Sunday, so we reflected on the heroic entry of Jesus to Jerusalem where he is later betrayed. For that reason I titled my article, the betrayed king. Because Jesus entered Jerusalem as a king and few days after the sane people that welcomed him were saying, he should be crucified.

In the homily Fr Yago reflected on Jesus' humility. So he called us to be humble in life imitating Jesus whom we follow. And also he reminded that Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy week where we are invited to focus in follow Jesus' inner serenity in the middle of all trials.
Therefore as we have started the holy Week, let us set our eyes onto Jesus. We suffer with him in our sorrows and be joyful with him at the resurrection. God bless you, God love you.

By Agaba John

Palm Sunday Celebration at Butiki (Jinja)

From Left to right: Seminarians John Agaba, Michael Longoli and Collines Kananura with Fr. Yago

During the procession

We were privileged to celebrate the Palm Sunday with the Christians of Butiki outstation this Sunday. The celebration started in a procession with a large audience including children who accompanied Jesus on his way to Jerusalem.  They sang and praised God with Hosanna, waving palms, dancing and jubilating.  On this occasion, the seminarians accompanied Fr. Yago who was the principle celebrant. 

During the homily at Butiki 

He gave such a powerful sermon that remains remarkable in the hearts of many believers. In his homily, he preached about humility from the example of Jesus himself who left his disciples a lesson by bending low to wash their feet. With this, many husbands were inspired to show the same humility to their wives by kneeling before them as a sign of greeting, an act contrary to the Basoga culture. The entire Chapel exploded in laughter. This exactly what Holy Week is about, it invites us to be humble servants beginning in our families. 

Longoli Michael