Monday, 31 October 2016

Eucharistic Ministers

Clockwise: Some of the M.Afr. seminarians, the procession, seminarians, and the dancers from Holy Cross Lake View Secondary School.
The commissioning of the Extra-ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist is an annual event for the Diocese of Jinja. It is aimed at enabling the faithful of the Diocese of Jinja draw near to Jesus through receiving the Eucharist. Those commissioned are seminarians from the various congregations in Jinja. These congregations are in charge of some of the out-stations under the Diocese of Jinja. It is also taken as a day for all Catholic students from various secondary school in Jinja. They usually come together under the Young Christians Students (YCS) Association to celebrate this day with the Bishop. This year's commissioning was presided over by Bishop Charles Martin Wamika, the Ordinary of Jinja Diocese. He commissioned about 80 seminarians from the different congregations. He urged the Extra-Ordinary ministers to follow the example of Jesus Christ. He also encouraged them to take Jesus to the faithful of Jinja with high reverence and asked the Christians to welcome the ministers too. The afternoon was later graced with presentations from the present schools and lots of dancing and interactions. We are grateful to the Ordinary of Jinja Diocese for granting us the chance to have this pastoral experience and more so to be able to meet Christ in the Christians we serve.

Sunday, 30 October 2016


Volleyball is one of the other life-giving aspects in our community. It helps us come together especially during the training time and when a match is been played. It also helps us keep fit and interact more with our brothers from other communities. Volleyball being a game, it requires teamwork for a team to succeed, thus, the members are required to be one. Being one is something our founder Cardinal Lavigerie stressed. He wanted the missionaries not to only be united but one. We are forever grateful to the Formation Staff at Lavigerie Formation House Jinja for according us the opportunity to be a part of this great unifying game. We are forever indebted.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Celebrating Ugandan Independence Day

Every 9th of October, we commemorate our independence. This independence was obtained in 1962 on 9th October from the long time masters from 1884; The Britain. After much effort put in by many Ugandans, especially Dr. Milton Obote and comrades, Uganda managed to get independence; to mean it became self-sufficient. This a very important day in Uganda especially for the Ugandans, but since we are in Uganda, we are made Ugandans by our presence regardless of our countries of origin. As members of Lavigerie House we also celebrated in our own way.

The day started with holy mass, and it was a Sunday with readings that reflected so much on thanksgiving, which according to me it was a challenge to Ugandans to give thanks for the day. The mass was dedicated to Uganda to continue having peace and progress more on development. Since the Uganda's Anthem itself offers Uganda to God, we concluded with the national anthem of Uganda to cement the dedication. 

After the mass we went for other celebrations which involved rising of the National flags of the East African countries to mark the solidarity of the East Africans. It was followed by the national anthems of the different countries. 

The celebration was in the evening and few explanations on the ‘baby country’ Uganda. We continued to ask ourselves why Uganda was called the pearl of Africa. The explanations on the political scenes, the nature and geography and agriculture drew us near to the answer. We also had a statement that Uganda was called the pearl of Africa because it shares all vegetation that is other parts of Africa, but we are still trying to find the truth.

The day ended with a dance of the celebration and cutting of the cake. So we continue to pray for Uganda and the people in Uganda so as God may uphold thee as the Anthem says. Ugandans future is layed in the hands of Uganda, so we should treat it with care because it involves the other nature apart from human only. Ugandans work for God and for Uganda which is a sign of patriotism and pan Africanism. 

God bless you Uganda!
God loves you Uganda!

John Agaba

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Our Birthday Celebrations

Simon Peter during his birthday celebration 

To celebrate a Birthday is ‘to be born anew’. It is the only time to acknowledge God’s providence for the prime gift to mankind, which is, LIFE. Without life, it obviously means that man is a nobody. Basing on the experience in Lavigerie House, Jinja, Birthday celebrations bring lots of memories through one is treated during his celebration. Actions like singing  birthday songs, exchanging gifts, pouring water, calling one a ‘baby’ and above all, celebrating at team levels.  When members gather and pour water on the ‘baby’ accompanied with birthday songs, it feels like one is indeed re-born. One is also identified with the baptism that he underwent. And also, the baptism that every catholic undergoes as a right of initiation to the Catholic Church.

It is for this matter that we as members of Lavigerie family, Jinja, have always found great meaning in celebrating each others’ birthday. This keeps us to continue connected to one another as a way of being actively present, in LOVE.


Bukavu Moments

Rwanda landscape

As it is a routine, in Lavigerie Formation House-Jinja (first cycle), third year students go to Congo to learn and practice French. It was my happiest moment and first time to go to French speaking country. The journey started well as we departed from Kampala-Uganda at mid-night. It was a very long voyage that I have never done, especially by road. We passed via Rwanda, where I was impressed and I confirmed the hearsays that it is the cleanest country in East Africa and if I can say even in African, I would not have been mistaken. Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, is the cleanest; surpassing the confines compared to other cities in East Africa such as Jinja. The roads in Rwanda, especially the one we used, are very smooth and tarmacked. Many passengers faced a problem of vomiting and tiredness as a result of it being oblique. I real enjoyed the land scape of Rwanda as the road passes through the forest; the time I counted to pass through that forest was forty five minutes. Immediately after this good experienced, we arrived at the boarder of Rwanda and Congo called “Le Bureau de Bukavu Frontier”. We had already arrived at our destination; that is “Le Formation Centre de Ruazizi”. We were warmly welcomed that day and it was my first time to eat “sombe” (cassava leaves).

During family visitation

Life started at high note of learning French and practicing it by encountering new people. The slogan there was “Papa yooo”.  The environment there is splendid; the house is located near Lake Kivu, where we could feel the fresh breezes every time. As swimming is my best hobby and even to some of my fellows, we really enjoyed playing in water like fish. As we were swimming, we used say a catchphrase that, “Man of God plays only with water on the basin,” meaning we need to be careful in order not to drown. We encountered some of the primary pupils who really challenged us in French; these boys were called “petit” which means there were younger than us. Mass and prayers were in French. The people of Bukavu were really generous. We had a lot of “rendez-vous” meaning appointments that included visiting different families. After all these good experiences, we had to leave the country and come back to Uganda and continue with our studies of philosophy. Bukavu is a nice place to be, the presence of the other is a reality there; I wished to burn my passport so that I might remain in that place, but all in all, good experiences stick in man’s mind forever.

Imbusi Collins

Our New General Council

Stanley Lubungo 2016 Rome_JPEGStanley Lubungo was born at Ndola (Zambia) on the 16thJune 1967. He took his missionary oath in Toulouse on the 7th December 1996 and was ordained a priest in his native town on the 2nd August 1997. He worked as a missionary for a few years in Democratic Republic of Congo and was appointed, after a few years of studies in Rome and Dublin, as formator in Abidjan. He had just completed new studies in dogmatic theology in Paris when he was appointed Provincial of Southern Africa on the 1st July 2015. One of his first tasks will be to ensure his replacement in Lusaka. Congratulations Stan!
Didier Sawadogo 2016_JPEGCongratulations Didier Sawadogo. Thank you for having accepted this service to the Society. May God be with you. Didier was born on 26th July 1967 à Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). He took the oath on the 11th December 1999 in London and was ordained priest on the 3rd December 2000 in Bobo-Dioulasso. He worked in Mali and Burkina Faso, but spent also quite some time in Rome studying. He is currently studying in Rome for a doctorate.
Francis Barnes 2016B_JPEGFrancis Barnes was born on the 26th September 1950 at Stockport (UK). He took his missionary oath in Totteridge (UK) on the 16th April 1981 and was ordained priest on the 20thJune 1981 at Salford. He did parish ministry in Burkina Faso, vocational animation in Poland, then was mainly involved with animation and formation in Burkina, Rome, Zambia and Kenya. He is currently assistant to the Provincial Superior of Europe.
Martin Grenier 2016_JPEGMartin Grenier was born on the 21st March 1963 at Beauceville in Quebec. He took the missionary oath at Wood Green (London) on the 18th December 1993 and was ordained a priest on the 23rd September 1995 at St Joseph-de-Beauce in Quebec. After three years of ministry in Zambia, he was appointed as formator in Bangalore, India. After a sabbatical year, he went back to India, then to Jinja (Uganda), always as a formator. After some studies at IFIC in Mali, Martin worked at the AFRIKA Centre in Montreal where he was before the Chapter where he came as delegate of the Province of the Americas (AMS). Congratulations Martin.
Ignatius Anipu 2016 cJPEGIgnatius Anipu was born on the 7th November 1959 in Wiagha (Ghana). He took his oath on the 15th December 1990 in Toulouse and was ordained priest on the 20th July 1991 in Kongo (Ghana). His first term as Missionary of Africa was in Niger before being called for studies at the Pisai (Rome). He then returned to Niger, spent a few years for further studies and as formator in Paris, London and Abidjan. He came to the chapter as Provincial of the PAO. Congratulations Ignatius.

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