Thursday, 2 April 2015

Skills and Talents

When one is born, there is no awareness if one has a talent and skill until the advance in age. A talent and skill is something in born and it needs to be nurtured in a practical and authentic manner. Some talents are inborn and others are out of practice which applies the same to a skill. The art of talents and skills need to be practiced and developed out of compassion and passion. It is supposed to be done in a discipline and a consistence manner, in order to glow and shine. We can attend better schools, have high scores in academics, and have all sorts of successful options in life, but without our skills and talents, we cannot make a good doctor, priest, nurse, teacher, student, architecture, pilot, just to mention but a few.

Our talents and skills interconnect us with real life experience and make us to serve our people in a good and productive way. It makes us to explore more, advance and enhance our daily lives to earn a living and bond our relationship to the people we serve in our society and community. As Saint James said, faith without actions is dead. We have to be practical in what we do, especially, the skills and talents God gave us to better our lives and the life of others too.

In the context and set up of our seminary, Lavigerie formation house Jinja, seminarians and formators have different talents which are shared differently in diverse field. These gifts are sources of joy, unity and pastoral weapon for evangelisation. 

Our seminary is entangled with people from different countries, exposed in a different sector, in different ways. Within ourselves, we have those who have the skills and talents of repairing and making shoes, making rosaries, repairing computers, making a blog, art of drawing, dancing, composing articles and poems, acting, playing football, basketball and volleyball, singing, playing music, social workers, farming, designers, counseller, motivational and inspirational speakers,  just to mention but a few. All these are expressed and even extended to our pastoral places where we serve the people of God. This brings joy and happiness spearheading the growth of our potentiality in our skills and talents. It is through coming out of ourselves and making it practical that we can know our real self and the hidden treasure within us. Forever glow Lavigerie house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simplicious Wesonga Mugeni