Saturday, 4 April 2015

Rugby and Life

If you never played rugby or you have never had little interest in it, it’s possible that you wonder what a nasty game it is!! Maybe you are one of those persons who take rugby to be a tough game. There is an often feeling that rough people or crooks play rugby. In my high school experience, there was a time when more than half of rugby players were suspended from school for indiscipline case and from that time, our teachers had a bad perception that rugby players are indisciplined. I had to remain watchful not to be suspended too. My passion in rugby developed when I was in form one, I enjoyed the tackles and many strange things like the scrum down, line out, maul, and the rack.

Rugby has been present in my life. It has contributed a lot in shaping my character. A big percent of my personality I acquired it during my experience in playing rugby. The training of rugby is quite demanding and needs a keen attention. Rugby taught me team spirit, humility, unity, hard work, leadership skills and obedience. These are basic skills, which are important in life. The hardening acquired in rugby is very essential to help someone face life challenges in a courageous way. During the first days, we were helped by the senior players in remove unnecessary   fear

The formation in a rugby team either 15’s aside or 7’s aside is done such that players cover the loopholes left. This taught me how to cover up and prevent possible problems, which might  come after somebody, has failed after trying their level best. 

Many people associate rugby with injuries. It is true that in rugby like any other sport like soccer a person can get an injury. When my family discovered that I had passion for rugby, they discouraged me. They scared me with stories of people who have broken their limbs while playing rugby. I listened to their pieces of advice but followed my heart. For the time I have played rugby, I have never had any major injury and for this I thank God. Whatever I feel for rugby, I cannot tell. I feel more alive in a rugby pitch waiting for the ball to go up into the air. I feel better when holding that rugby ball pressing it hard between my right arm and my and the ribs, skipping and running for a try. It is a possessive game. The ball bearer wants to hold the ball as strongly as he can.

I always say to myself “Rugby taught me life.” there are so many characteristics that rugby has taught me and I owe rugby much thanks. Even when am out of the rugby pitch, the spirit of rugby is ever with me.

Long live Rugby!!! 

Patrick Muema