Friday, 3 April 2015

Our Wisdom. Our Quotes

Jean Marie Bamutaze and Gabriel Ouma

Participants' quotes from the Trauma Awareness and Resilience workshop:

1. Not all human beings are human. (M. Longoli) 

2. Trauma is unforgiveness and love. (M. Matuku) 

3. Do not allow your trauma worries bring you down. (C.I. Imbusi) 

4. Sometimes when I am interested in things, I become bored of the very things. (B. Jean 

5. Trauma is dangerous if not processed from our bodies. (S. Onsongo) 

6. We are here to pass the examination of life. (Sr T. Namataka) 

7. Do not be guilty of your trauma but be responsible. (B. Jean Marie) 

8. I am the one to control trauma but not trauma to control me. (P. Muema) 

9. It’s only when we realize our trauma that we can come out of them. (P. Wachira) 

10. We human beings are the cause of our problems and therefore our responsibility to rule
them out. (G. Ouma)

11. Lamenting about trauma is not the issue but how to go out of it. (M.S. Wesonga)

12. Accepting and reflecting on my own trauma is the first step to healing. (E. Rukundo)
13. As a human being, I stand more the greatest chances of being a victim of trauma but
again my human responsibility to get out of it. (B. Jean Marie)
14. Trauma is normal but abnormal when you fail to heal it. (C.I. Imbusi)
15. Some of us are not victims of direct traumatization but victims of circumstances. (O.

16. Trauma is a reality of life. (M. Urbanus)
17. Sharing is the first step to overcoming trauma. (C. Kananura)
18. Trauma is not in the past but in the present. (O. Tolbert)
19. We need others but the resources are within ourselves. (Fr. Yago)
20. We are all perfect but just limited, this limitation is what we tend to call imperfection. (Fr.

21. All addictions are coping mechanisms. (Sr T. Namataka)
22. Dance which is intended when you tend it, it heals. (H.M. Ariho)
23. The pendulum of life swings between sweeter and bitter. (M.S. Wesonga)
24. Life is a theatre; it only awards the best actors. (M.S. Wesonga)
25. The whole creation is groaning. (Fr. Yago)
26. The whole awaits redemption. (Sr T. Namataka)
27. We can give a tremendous contribution in the transformation of the world. (Fr. Yago)
28. Do not be over-concerned about healing others; it is your personal healing that will heal

them. (Fr. Yago)
29. If everything is trauma, then what is not trauma? (J. Odhiambo)
30. African culture is as strong and vibrant as nothing. (Sr T. Namataka)
31. Curses can hold and we need to be cleansed. (Sr T. Namataka)
32. Witchcraft is a reality. (Sr T. Namataka)
33. Counseling is an inevitable reality we have to embrace. (K. Etigu)
34. There is need for education about education. (K. Etigu)
35. We do not choose to be traumatized. (P. Muema)
36. You know me by name but you don’t know me. (P. Muema)
37. I am the doctor of my trauma. (P. Muema)
38. Each and every one of us needs healing. (K. Polycarp)
39. Trauma is not something that started yesterday. (M. Urbanus)
40. Trauma is like penance, once the words are confessed, is the washing away of our

sorrows. (M.S. Wesonga)
41. By the fact that I belong to a tribe, there is already a trauma carried on. (P. Wachira)
42. Personal awareness is the beginning of healing. (O. Austine)
43. Missionary life is a life of trauma itself. (E. kavishe)
44. TRE are natural, cheap and reliable ways of healing trauma. (N.G. Cresent)
45. Do not neglect small things in life. (J.B. Mukulia)
46. Trauma is a very dangerous disease. (O. Tolbert)
47. Not only me, but everyone has the hardest traumatic experience. (J. Muli)
48. I need to pay more attention to my body and its reactions. (N. Aloysius)
49. I have sometimes done these releasing exercises unknowingly. (K. Etigu)
50. There is conformity in the human commonness as human beings. (Sr. T. Namataka)
51. Accepting that I am traumatized gives me the capacity to heal. (Fr. Yago)
52. God and Satan have an upper hand in our lives but we need to know how to uproot satan

(Sr. T. Namataka)
53. God created us with a free will. (Sr. T. Namataka)
54. How free are you free? (Sr. T. Namataka)
55. If you want to heal the body, heal the spirit and if you want to heal the spirit, heal the body.

(Sr. T. Namataka)
56. Interconnectedness is responsible for our inherited behavior. (Sr T. Namataka)
57. God and Satan cannot work alone, but with you once you allow and co-operate with any of

them. (Sr. T. Namataka)
58. God heals so that we re-interconnect and stay in an inanimate loving relationship with Him

and others. (Sr. T. Namataka)
59. God is immanently present in us and immanently transcendent. (Sr. T. Namataka)
60. If you use evil to fight evil, you are actually defeating yourself. (Sr. T. Namataka)
61. The most fundamental choices in our lives were made for us by others. (Sr. T. Namataka) 62. We have the world of evil; we live with them side by side. (Sr. T. Namataka)

63. Curse brings trauma. (Sr. T. Namataka)
64. Animals are part of our African spirituality, they communicate to us. (Sr. T. Namataka)
65. The missionaries also baptized our minds, indoctrinated us through their ideologies about

Africa being a dark continent. (Sr. T. Namataka)
66. We Africans have an interconnected spirituality, we are connected to everything. (Sr. T.

67. They brought for us ideologies that downplayed African spirituality. (Sr. T. Namataka)
68. We need a very serious dialogue with African Traditional Religion. (Sr. T. Namataka)
69. It is your cultural perspective that directs your thinking, whether you like or not. (Sr. T.

70. Spirits have no boundaries. (Sr. T. Namataka)
71. Trauma will result from the violation the cultural values and beliefs. (Sr. T. Namataka)
72. Forgiveness is the key to healing. (G. Ouma)
73. Healing needs time and patience. (H.M. Ariho)
74. Life can change but changing life involves accepting the positive changes in life. (S.M.

75. It only needs a smile to keep the going go. (S.M. Wesonga)
76. My past in my future which echoes like a siren. (S.M. Wesonga)