Thursday, 2 April 2015

Our Founder’s Day at Lavigerie Formation House

It was the 122nd death anniversary of our Founder Cardinal Charles Lavigerie. Various groups of people were invited including all the religious congregations attending the Philosophical Center of Jinja (PCJ). The family relatives of our confreres and students living around Jinja were also invited. The Eucharistic celebration was presided by Fr. Gerard Chabanon, our Ugandan Sector Superior. The celebration commenced with procession. Fr. Gerard explained more about our Founder and the charism of the Missionaries of Africa. 

The congregation gathered in the hall after mass. We listened the speech of our rector and the chairman of the students. Lavigerie’s invitation “few people, too few people have the ultimate vocation: humanity” was highlighted. The different teams of Lavigerie formation house (Mapera, Kiwanuka, Tobi Kizza, and Amans) prepared different kinds of drama for the guest on our founder and charism including skit and song. After the entertainment the floor was opened for the members as they were sharing prepared food and drinks. The day was a blessing to all.