Friday, 3 April 2015

Not with a Pagan Eye

Death is one of the most strange and threatening tsunami in the life of a human being. In our daily life, nobody wishes to mention the word death and neither to think of its notion. Nobody will ever want and admire to hear the obvious and destiny of human life. Nobody will yearn to live near someone or something that brings sorrow, somber or a melancholic mood. No human being loves the act the inflicts pain, that one which makes life sad and boring.

Death itself is not bad neither is it good. It can be relative or name it equilibrium. The mentality and the impression we have placed in this state is a pessimistic one. Many are afraid of it and wish even it could have seized to exist. In case of its occurrence in our society and community, people will curse it, lament to God why it has happened and refrain the common psalm of life “Why you! Why us! Why our family” because it is a mystery. It is indeed painful to lose our loved one`s. Those whom we cherish, love, dedicate our lives to, those who count a lot in our life and bring joy to us in all aspects of our activity.

For something to grow or spring up, it needs to die, and come into life again. Anyway, have you ever sat down and reflect on the goodness of death in a keen and affirmative way? I know it is very difficult to do so because of its state and how it is perceived to be in life. Look death`s importance!!!

  • It unites
  • It consoles
  • Gives an eye opener to life
  • Motivates
  • Gives encouragement of working hard
  • Acquits one with the means of tackling life
  • Brings new realities of life
  • Strengthens the family and the community
  • Make us to be strong believers
  • Increases our faith in our doings, dealings and enhance our prayer life
  • Make us be close to God

It is true and real that, unless you have an experience in life, you cannot inspirational  and motivational to people. Life has to be lived with experience of both sad and joyous moments but not to be lived by one facet of it. Take the challenge and move on, by this you will create  more opportunities in your life. For it is through exploration that you will excavate more details of life. Let the passion and resurrection of Christ teach us and from his death, which bore fruit in our life, let us also view the same in a normal way when death occurs in our real life. Christ death's is a manifestation that, death is salvation and it came to conquer mankind from his sins. Death from Christ`s experience is a preparation of something good that is yet to come. Something which will be rejoicing in a joyful way, something which will renew our tainted image, something which will nourish and unleash our dirty heart and lives. Let us not judge death with a pagan eye, but with an eye of faith. May the moral of His death keep us in the company, even if He resurrects, rooted in Him we venture in hope. Happy Easter!!!!!

 Simplicious Wesonga Mugeni