Thursday, 2 April 2015

How to Meditate that I Meditate

When you long to meditate,
Then, learn how to meditate,
When you meditate how to meditate,
Then, choose what to meditate.
As you choose what to meditate,
Remember to decide why to meditate.

You once longed to meditate,
Then joined those who meditate.
They shared what they meditated,
But to meditate as they meditated,
They insisted that you meditate,
How to meditate what to meditate.

When you meditated how to meditate,
Then, you chose what to meditate,
Are worthy of knowledge.
As they live what they meditate,
They transmit such knowledge.
That those who learn to meditate,
May know how to live,
Lives worthy of knowledge.

Once worthy of knowledge,
Then decide why to meditate,
To move towards the un-meditated.
Those who now longed to meditate,
To teach them how to meditate,
For to meditate is to think,
When you meditate how to think,
Then you meditate that you meditate.

 Wesonga Mugeni Simplicious