Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Pelican

Artist: Jean Marie Bamutaze
The Pelican is a water bird that takes full care of its young ones. It is all things to its young ones the fact that it hatches in big numbers. In times of scarcity of food, it feeds its young ones on its own blood by biting itself to bleed. In that way, the Pelican so much inspires and speaks to us at Lavigerie House and the Society of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) at large. It helps us feel our identity in the Gospel and in Christ through his laying down of life for us. Again inspired by Cardinal Lavigerie our founder in his words “Be all things to all”, this is to be just as a Pelican to its young ones. This is the greatest value of love that we embrace in our service to human kind. Following the inspiring sacrifices of Jesus and the Pelican who both shade their blood for the survival of others, we too be there in special attention and priority to the needs of others.

We portray this through helping the needy, the neglected, marginalized, and stigmatized, promoting peace, justice and integrity of creation, inter-religious dialogue and respecting the status of all humanity in our pastoral activities. All this is done for all people irrespective of their colour, race, gender, status etc, without any complaint, hesitation or expectation of any reward but for the Greatest Glory of God.

Jean Marie Bamutaze