Saturday, 21 March 2015

Visual-Spatial intelligence ("picture smart")

This type of intelligence involves the use of what we call an extra eye or a third eye. One is able to see what others do not care about or even what others see but they take it for granted. In our community, we have guys who are good at art; they can design posts or some piece of art. Preparing flowerpots to decorate the chapel, arranging tables and bed rooms, wiping a plate nicely, preparing a salad in descent manner, dressing decently, appreciating the beauty of anything in our community, all these describe visual-spatial intelligence. Journaling, writing articles in the different magazines, editing and proofreading, repairing bicycles and working on electric problem all these are part of visual intelligence. In our picnics, one may suggest a position where the rest can converge and others find it convenient because he has employed spatial intelligence to point out a strategic position. This intelligence is good career for engineers and artists. We are therefore engineers as long as we use our visual spatial intelligence properly.

Ariho Henry Moses