Saturday, 21 March 2015

Musical intelligence ("music smart")

Music at Lavigerie House is well integrated in the formation program. From a distance, one can enjoy the euphonious sounds coming from the house. Music intelligence is evidenced in enjoying singing and playing various instruments. The tonal value ranges from the deepest level of Bass voices to the highest level of Soprano voices. Musical instruments include guitars, keyboard, recorders, shakers and drums. All these supplement the liturgical celebrations in the house.

Interestingly, it is very easy to teach and learn new songs at lavigerie House. Community members are able to recognise musical patterns and tones when an item is being introduced. It is very easy and common to forget the melody of a song but it is not the case with ‘Lavigerians’ who have a good memory of songs and melodies. This is why we have managed to sustain a variety of hymn books, ranging from Book A to C (a new version of Book C is yet to be produced).  

The dancing styles clearly exhibit a rich understanding of musical structure and rhythm. In a special way, drumming still connects us to our traditional values based on a variety of cultural backgrounds within the house. This obviously determines the number of languages in which the songs are sung and the dancing styles exhibited. They include Luyha, Luo, Rukiga, Karimajong, Luganda, Kiswahili, Ateso, Chewa, Lingala, French and English.

Gaetan with Tolbert and Crescent in Skills and Talents gathering

In the field of skills and talents which is a project of the house to exercise our capabilities, a section of students are able to read music notes through the recorder class. One of the initiatives for the newcomers is to be introduced to different musical instruments. In this line, recorder lessons are facilitated weekly. Others have invested in playing the keyboard and guitar as we exchange our skills intentionally. For the times these instruments are played together, a harmonious environment for praising the lord is created. Most importantly, there is active community participation not as an obligation but because each student is inclined to a particular intelligence in music. All is possible through developing interest, determination, listening and practice. In addition, self couching is very important at Lavigerie House.

Remember that ‘intelligence must be awakened, amplified, taught, and transferred to life situations.  Intelligence is not stagnant. Each intelligence can be awakened, strengthened by practice, and "taught” in the classroom.’ (Scholarstic Article)

Crescent Niwamanya