Saturday, 21 March 2015

Logical-mathematical intelligence ("number/reasoning smart")

Logic Mathematics Intelligence deals with logic, abstractions, reasoning, numbers and critical thinking according to Howard Gardner. It is the capacity to reason, calculate, recognize patterns and handle logical thinking. Lavigerie House has got members with different capacities in doing things. Our life in the community portrays who we are and how we relate with one another by communicating in an understandable language. Normally, we are asked to be precise in our speech as a form of clarity for easy understanding and apprehension. This helps us in formative encounters, spiritual directions, and as well passing information to individuals or to the community.   

Communicating and exchanging information during a blogging class  

It is a nice experience to stay in Lavigerie House; here we have got different levels of Logical-mathematical intelligence. Things are done in an organized way in different aspects of formation. Our apostolate is organized in such way that each student can get different experiences before he finishes his third year. We normally work in pairs which is an expression of mathematics. 

Academic life is one of the four pillars of formation of Missionaries of Africa in Lavigerie House. In our formation house, we perform a variety of activities that involve counting and basic sequencing of tasks, for example; putting things in order.

Sharing in pairs the River Me

In addition, we are able to perform various patterns of thinking used in our daily lives, such as making lists, creating schedules, setting priorities, and planning something for the future. Most of us have personal timetables for our own different programs. All these are highly developed by philosophical courses like critical thinking we attain from the consortium. Each individual has got a certain responsibility to perform as community service. For example, assistance bursars, sacristans, gardeners, librarians and others are developing this intelligence from the work they do.

Finally, we are able to engage in different abstract issues from the knowledge we get from the logic course, which help us to make our premises well organized before they are communicated. Recently some students are taking the course of conflict transformation which helps them to be able to engage in abstract thinking based on conceptual information. Really we enjoy thinking and abstraction of ideas. This shows that we are naturally mathematician in whatever we do.

Julius Rweyemamu