Saturday, 21 March 2015

Verbal-Linguistic intelligence ("word smart")

From the tumbling block of controversy with consideration, to the latest artistic thematic concentration, one`s again, I sail you through the turbulent waters of narration in the field of verbal-linguistic intelligence. When I speak to the other I feel good expressing myself, just to make people know who I am, what I say, what I think, the potential I have and the power of the skill and talent I have. I use artistic, lucrative, mouth watering, splendid, and meticulous form of speech just to revamp my language.

Verbal-linguistic intelligence is a unique and distinguish, that deals with people who are acquitted with words and languages of high capacity. These people are good at writing, reading, telling stories and are good at memorization. They are well updated with current affairs, love literature reading, use jargons and they like mimicking. Lavigerie Jinja formation house comprises of such caliber of people who have developed this kind of intelligence and is something that is more than a talent or skill. When I glance in retrospect and currently, we have individuals who have articles approximately fifty. These articles are developed from the reflective point of view. These people reflect a lot and they come with something which is authentic, concrete and original where no other person has ever thought of. They develop their work with creativity; give a very powerful reflection in the chapel, good in public relation and public speaking. This intelligence is shown even the level of academic where this kind of people are well proof readers and easily acquitted with the language. They know how to connect words and the presentation of their work looks in a poetic form. They do not such there knowledge for the sake of academic but for practicality and accuracy. They deal with the aspect of here and now.

Within Lavigerie house, we have people from different countries, cultures and they speak different languages. However, within them we have people who pick up the language very first. We have those who can speak Lusoga, Luganda, French, and Lunyankole even Kikuyu, Kamba, Luo and Luhya just to mention but a few, just in the name of language intelligence. The power of expressing ourselves effectively is sign of verbal intelligence and this done with practice rather than abstract deeds. These individuals also are good in body language and they can express, interpret and communicate with it effectively without any problem. Let us join hands as we discover and explore the gift of our intelligences to nourish our talents, gifts and make our life glow.

Simplicious Mugeni