Saturday, 21 March 2015

Intrapersonal intelligence ("self smart")

We should be grateful for the gift of intrapersonal intelligence exhibited at lavigerie House. A very important element in this intelligence is the ability to understand oneself. Candidates who are able to say that “I am angry or happy” belong here. In most cases we fail to notice how we feel in the here and now but the good news is that we are developing this intelligence. We can say that majority of our candidates are aware of their emotions and we continue to create awareness among ourselves in order to develop fully this treasured intelligence. Those who exercise this intelligence correct others when they are reactive because they have experienced it themselves. They also appreciate the strength of others. They encourage fellow students who have different talents but are not working on them to show up. Members who are able to ask for pardon for their mistakes lie here in intrapersonal intelligence. We should embrace this intelligence to build one another.

In relation to the above, intrapersonal intelligence could also be called emotional intelligence. It develops our self awareness and the awareness of the others around us. We have undergone different experiences that have helped us to create this emotional awareness (intelligence). These include among others; recollections where we listen from different animators and reserve time for personal meditation and reflection; every year we have a treasured time of a retreat which nourishes our whole being as emotional beings; we also had a trauma awareness and resilience workshop in which we learnt how to notice, name, own, and respond to our emotions; at least every week, there is an opportunity for a conference that contribute to get to know ourselves better. 

Assisting one another during manual work exercise on Mondays and Thursdays should not be forgotten. On such occasions, there is use of our emotional intelligence than you can imagine. During time for games, in case one commits a foul, the reaction towards the act and the receptivity of the confrontation exposes our emotional wisdom. In this situation, the offender may react harshly towards the offended or begs for pardon. Others quarrel and exchange bitter words but we are in most cases not aware that we are involving intrapersonal intelligence. The most important element surrounding this is the ability to be aware of one’s strength and weaknesses in handling his emotional life so as to build up healthy emotional connections with one another.

Ariho Henry Moses