Why this Blog

This Blog is about our living together at Lavigerie Formation House. It is very intentional; it has a clear purpose. We are focusing on the life-giving dynamics present in our midst. It is a blog that welcomes, entertains, and reflects on the positive energy driving us. We are looking at our common life with an appreciative eye. This blog is meant to be an empowering place where our community can be mirrored in its goodness, dynamism, and endless creativity. We also rejoice in our full participation. We are creating our reality as you will see in the different sections of this blog. 

Our community is composed of 33 members from 18 different ethnical backgrounds and 7 nationalities. There is an wonderful intercultural resource in our midst. The blog aims at being an avenue for cultural expression, showing the great diversity present in our community. 

We also want to express what bring us together: our faith in Jesus deepest humanity. Our Founder Charles Lavigerie says: “few people, too few people has the ultimate vocation: Humanity.” This blog is a search for our humanity.

This blog aims at interconnecting different dimensions of our formation as it unveils a common generative spirit. It is all about awareness of many details in our lives that often go unnoticed.

With this blog we are reading and responding to the signs of the times. A very relevant section of this blog is the exploration on how to look at our lives through the lens of Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligences Theory. This blog is a search for meaning looking with fresh eyes at our missionary and priestly formation.

We are determined to actualize ourselves and to use meaningfully and intentionally, the technological resources available to us. We also want to use the available opportunities provided within our formation house.

We are inspired by the apostolic zeal of our Founder, which we want to express. This blog is also a tool for vocation animation. It aims at being a reference for all those young people within East Africa, who would like to join us in discerning their missionary vocation. It connects, bridges, it is a platform for dialogue, creativity and innovation.

This blog is a place to dream, to envision, and to prototype what emerges from a future full of possibilities. Our intercultural heritage, justice and peace, integrity of creation, inter-religious dialogue, ATR, skills and talents, poetry, paintings, are a few sections where we explore this innovation. There is also a section on current events. This will make it constantly fresh and updated.

This blog is a resource one, where one can find the relevant documents for our vocational discernment. This is a place where the students have a voice. The students share their own reflections on various relevant issues in today’s world. 

This blog is also an initiative of the blogging class. It is also a real training for life as we listen to today’s technology. We want to use the internet in an affirmative, creative and wise way.

We also want to share our lives with our families, friends, and benefactors. Our house is a miracle of generosity where many people contribute economically, and through other means, to make our vocational discernment a reality. This blog is also our way to give thanks to all our benefactors wherever they are.

This blog is the journey towards our hearts. The journey towards our humanity as we respond to our call to discipleship in a very practical way.

Welcome, join us!


From right to left: Matthew Ainomugisha (Chief Editor), Kelvin Mwaliko (Assistant Chief Editor), Isaac Ogwang (Marketing and Blog Animator), Kahinda Simon Peter (Photographer), Nicholas Musasizi (Assistant Photographer), and Yago Abeledo (Blog's Mentor)