It is important to reckon that a remarkable balance between the mind and the heart is indispensable in life. This is precisely the reason for blending our daily lives with the power of the intellect. Somebody said the eye of an intelligent person perceives things in depth and not merely superficially. The eyes are a clear sign of light which is in people. Any person who has an illumined mind has a limpid gaze or a clear stare if you will. Missionaries of Africa house in Jinja have a provision of students to attend lectures at the consortium, Philosophy Centre Jinja (PCJ). The main reason of this is to allow students, undergoing formation, acquaint themselves with abundant information that aids them to handle issues in this rapidly growing world that is complex with massive ideologies and technologies. Through attention to the studies, students are able to develop more the multiple intelligences that are present and unique in them.

Intellectual formation is very essential aspect in a formation program. It is one of the aspects in life that teaches commitment and dedication. Philosophy Centre Jinja offers several quality courses based on both social and philosophical studies. Some of these courses include: Psychology,  Human sexuality, Human Resource Management, Sustainable Development, Ethics, Conflict Transformation and Resolution, Economics, Project Planning and Management, Organization and Institutional Management, Logic, Ancient and Modern Philosophy, Philosophical Anthropology, African Philosophy, Theodicy, and Meta ta Meta Phusika (Metaphysics)  among others. In line with this, there are also extensive courses in religious studies; Liturgy, Old and New Testament and Spirituality. This range of courses unleashes the various hidden realities of each and every individual. All of us able to integrate components of life and draw a nature of consistence in whatever we do. Moreover, a provision of language courses enhances coherence and understanding of many other disciplines.

Normally during daily undertakings, people find it hard to perceive or measure the difference in growth and character development. Through studies, individuals equip themselves with lucrative tools that help them to experience a positive change and modify their characters. This is achieved with the help of knowledge and practical values that are imparted in one’s mind. One of the best agents of character shaping is knowledge. It is the only arena that one is given a glimpse of self-knowledge that inspires him or her to have knowledge about others. It is said that, it is only through self-knowledge that people begin mastering their lives that eventually leads them to understand and know their neighbours.

The education acquired at the institute helps individuals to be more at themselves and imagine the world around them. Whatever the mind of a person can conceive, it can achieve it. This is by the virtue of the images that individuals hold in the fields of their minds. Individuals are able to attract what they imagine and this is the enormous power that rigorous academic engagement offers. It gives one an opportunity to soar into greater heights and attracting positive things. It is through academics that people come to realize that all that they need is around them and they carry it in their various potentialities. Individuals have the universe and they are the universe because they have a powerful opportunity to open up to abundance.

Equally important to realize is that, all that we are is the result of what we have thought and the process of thinking is only acquired through engaging the intellect, the mind if you will.

James Bwire