Wednesday, 7 December 2016


I believe almost everyone loves recreation am I right?

It was on the evening of 26th of November 2016, in the Lavigerie Formation House Jinja, after Fr. Arsène A.K.A Cekoroba led the Eucharistic celebration of the GREAT LAVIGERIE DAY when a fabulous event resumed. Following the clear directions from Gabriel Ouma, the MC of the day, we commenced with the introduction of the welcomed guests led by Rev. Fr. Yago Abeledo. The bodily nourishment followed while Zeno Kokoyo and Moses Ashango, the DJs, entertained us with good music. Immediately after the meal, Simon Kimani’s crew came in with a skit concerning the arrival of the first missionaries in Uganda. We had a vivid picture of the scenario of what the first missionaries encountered as the first people who brought Christianity. It seemed that was not enough, we had  powerful words of encouragement  from MSOLA sisters and a beautiful song from MSOLA and Benedictine sisters. We had the cutting of the cake and we all shared it in joy and love. After Koro opened the dancing flow, we joined in for the dance.

To most people’s opinions and inclusive of all members of Lavigerie House, we had a great day full of joy and fun. With the gregarious and entertaining MC made everything to be perfect and gave each one of us a smiling face as we concluded the event as the guests left all in preparations for the Advent season which started few minutes later.


By Kelvin Mwamburi