Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Pope Francis arrives at Namugongo

The huge number of faithful at Namugongo Shrine was overwhelming as we all waited for the Holy Father, Pope Francis to arrive. He celebrated Holy Mass that lasted two hours. From his homily, I would wish to share with you some what struck me. He challenged the faithful present to get out of their comfort zones and reach out to other people in need of spiritual help. This he said would help the flock to grow. He also urged us to always keep flaming the gift of the Holy Spirit, like the Martyrs did, so that we could be the missionary disciples that Jesus Christ calls us to be. This can only be done if we are humble enough to recognize that our brothers and sisters need our service. Reaching out to these people requires our sacrifice, our time to be with them, our energy to be used, our talents and gifts to empower them and all we could ever think is necessary. I believe that all this can not be done by our own might, but with the help of God our Father. Amen

Ainomugisha Matthew