Monday, 30 November 2015


Every year on 26th November, the community of Lavigerie house as others do, celebrates Lavigerie day. Lavigerie is the founder of the Missionaries of Africa. So every year his death is celebrated on that day. On November 26th 2015 the day began with preparations. Cleaning, arranging and decorating were done in the afternoon. The preparations marked the beginning of the celebrations. Food as one of the most important things on the party was also in preparation by the people concerned. All the first part went on well as with eager waited for the celebration.

The Eucharistic celebration

The celebration of mass presided over by Fr. Otto Kato the vocation animator of Uganda followed. Many people from different communities attended in person to make the day colourful. Among  them were the two FROMA members and the mother of Fr. Aloysius Beebwa. The lively mass animated by the students went on well. It inspired many people. Then we proceeded to the refectory for the celebration of life and joy.

Since, it was refectory and recreation hall, then something most important followed. First was a welcome speech from the rector Fr. Arsene then introduction of guests by Fr. Yago which were followed by presentations from different teams. Kiwanuka team presented first about the challenges faced in a community of formation which Lavigerie as a seminarian also faced, and then also the importance of spiritual directors in formation. It was then followed by    Tobbi Kiiza team which presented about the formation process with different behavior of confreres.  Amans team presented a poem about the work done by cardinal Lavigerie reffering to him as papa (Father(dad). The last team to present was Maapera that presented about the first proclamation of the gospel by Fr. Lourdel and Br. Amans and also the death of the first martyrs. The presentations created awareness and entertained the people present. 

Presentation from different teams 

After the presentations, it was time for filling the stomach and then become happier. Interactions were made as the eating was going on with joy that would be seen by faces. By my interactions with some I managed to reach, I really felt that there was joy. Thanks to the founder of the congregation. It was my first time to be part of the celebrations but I enjoyed and wishes I celebrate more.

Enjoying a meal together

John Agaba